The Galápagos: Why Go with GeoEx

The Galápagos Islands are among the most exhilarating and edifying destinations on the planet, but sorting through the endless travel options is daunting. With more than 25 years’ experience in the archipelago, GeoEx knows just how to get you the most out of your time there. Here’s how:

A Suite of Top-Notch, Hand-Selected Options

Unlike many companies, which simply funnel their clients into the same ship, GeoEx has curated a medley of excellent options—both at sea and on land—that we mix and match to meet the style and wishes of our individual travelers. Our Galápagos experts have done careful, in-person research to find the best: 

  • crews, cabins, and deck plans
  • guide-to-guest ratios
  • island lodgings and staffs
  • activity choices 
  • attention to conservation.

Working With You to Select the Right Journey

Our Galápagos experts work closely with you to understand your specific passions and preferences and determine the most fulfilling journey. They’ll start by asking key questions such as the ones below, then let you know how your answers shape choices.

  • Are you traveling with children?
  • Would you prefer to sleep at sea or on land?
  • Do you want a set activity schedule?
  • How active would you like to be?
  • Would you like to tie in more of South America?

Unparalleled, Real-Time Galápagos Expertise

To keep on top of the evolving options and regulations in the Galápagos, GeoEx sends staff members to the archipelago on research trips at least once a year to:

  • make sure our boats, guides, and accommodations are up to our—and your—high standards
  • investigate new options for overnighting and exploring
  • continue our involvement with conservation efforts (for example, partnering with and donating to the Galápagos Traveler Conservation Fund).

We know the region inside and out, and love sharing our knowledge with GeoEx travelers. Give us a call to ask the smallest details: Should I bring my own wetsuit? What currency is best? Can I eat the salad? What will the water temperature be? You’ll get accurate answers from people who have been there.

Door-to-Door Service & Support

From our first conversation to your return home, GeoEx handles the details, saving you time and missteps.

  • We arrange your itinerary, accommodating different preferences and arrival times for the people in your party.
  • Our full-service, in-house air team is at your service to line up international and local flights.
  • We and our global safety network are there for you in case something goes off track, offering nearly 24-hour logistical and medical support.

Adding More of South America, Seamlessly

If you’re inspired to combine the Galápagos with more of South America, just say the word. We’ll talk with you about possibilities on mainland Ecuador, in Peru, in the Amazon, and beyond, sharing our favorite haciendas and hotels, cloud-forest excursions, hikes up snowcapped peaks, and more. Our in-country knowledge and connections allows us to open doors normally closed to travelers.