Meet GeoEx Galápagos Traveler Lisa Hoffner

I Am a Wildlife Photographer

I am perpetually searching for interesting and dramatic wildlife. Having lived and traveled throughout sub-Saharan Africa, my family and I are attracted to exotic and unique destinations. Now as a resident of California, I have a renewed interest in exploring the Americas. It wasn't long before the allure of the Galápagos Islands took hold. The hardest decision being not where to go but whom to go with.

The Benefits of Getting Professional Advice Are Clear

My job takes me on the road for at least two months out of the year, which makes booking travel a daunting task. While wading through the plethora of travel company options for the Galápagos, GeoEx rose to the top. My list of requirements was rigid. I wanted a comfortable boat, good representation of the islands, and naturalists who are the best in the business.

This Trip Exceeded our Expectation by Leaps & Bounds

The ship lived up to my expectations and more. It was the perfect combination of intimate yet spacious, small enough to not get lost in a sea of passengers, but large enough to have space to move about very comfortably. The naturalists were more than guides, they shared with us in-depth information about the natural history of the Galápagos and made every request a reality. They were professional, thorough, and passionate about protecting the islands and its wildlife. The ship amenities were impressive with no detail spared. More like a floating five-star hotel, every day delivered sumptuous meals, new islands to explore, and inspiring evening lectures to whet our appetite for knowledge about the unique landscape and wildlife.

Whether swimming with curious sea lions, being nose to beak with a pelican, or waking up to a pod of dolphins swimming alongside our boat in the morning light, this trip exceeded our expectation by leaps and bounds. I felt well taken care of from the moment I inquired about the trip through Natalie Crow at GeoEx, to the people she set up to greet us in the mainland of Ecuador and the Galápagos. Thank you for making this truly a trip of a lifetime!