Meet GeoEx Galápagos Traveler Aidan Duda-Allwood

I Am 9 Years Old

I live in San Francisco with my mom and my sister Mila. I am going into fifth grade next year. I love baseball, my Guinness Book of Records book, hip-hop dancing, riding my scooter, and playing with Legos. I love science, especially experiments.

I travel a lot. I go to New York to visit my dad in the summer, and have gone with my mom to Orlando, Palm Springs, and Los Angeles on vacation, and to visit her family in El Salvador. I have also been traveling with my yaya (my grandmother) since I was little. Yaya loves to travel very, very much. She has gone around the world and has been to more than 50 countries. She will go to the most remote places, but she does not like camping. Last summer, she took me to the Galápagos.

I Loved my Trip to the Galápagos

I liked the animals I saw: the hotel in Quito had peacocks and llamas, and the Galápagos had blue-footed boobies, sea lions, snakes, iguanas, turtles, tortoises, whales, dolphins, and lots of pretty fish. I played with sea lions and followed tortoises. I liked that the guides gave me special jobs on each island: I helped find snakes and land iguanas, name the birds, and drive the panga. It was really cool. 

Every day we would go to a new island where we would see new and different things. Sometimes when my yaya would go snorkeling, I would go with a guide in the glass-bottom boat to see fish or would stay aboard the ship with my friends playing or doing arts and crafts. My friends and I had dinner together every night, which was really fun, and after dinner we would watch a movie.

I really liked our room. We had comfy beds and every night they would make animals like elephants and rays out of our bath towels. My yaya was very happy on this trip because we had never done anything like this before and we really liked being together. I hope she takes me on another trip like this very soon.

My Yaya Says, "GeoEx Makes Planning Easy"

Since I am only 9, I had her explain this part: "One call to get the information on the trip, one call to finalize dates, one call to confirm flights, and one call to get some details on packing. Because they know me and remember what I like, it was very fast.

I've traveled with GeoEx for more than 20 years having amazing experiences like a safari in Tanzania, whale-watching in South Africa, riding horses in Argentina, climbing to the Tiger's Nest in Bhutan, sailing in Egypt, and taking a train across Siberia. On my trip with Aidan to the Galápagos, I loved that GeoEx had taken care of every detail. I didn't have to worry about anything."

You can read more about Aidan's travel adventures on his blog: The Awesome Adventures of Aidan.