Combine the Galápagos with Peru & More

Many wonderful surprises await on mainland Ecuador and in neighboring Peru: why not explore them before or after visiting the Galápagos? Here are a few favorites, but many, many more are possible. Our South American savants will gladly discuss them with you.

Machu Picchu

A visit to the great lost city of Machu Picchu is within reach. We know the most efficient ways to link the Galápagos and the ancient Incan citadel, and can arrange for you to hike portions of the Inca Trail and get to know the Sacred Valley. Browse our Machu Picchu & the Galápagos Islands sample itinerary to get ideas or contact-an-expert for more details on the best combinations.

Ecuadorian Highlands

Head to the highlands, just two to four hours from Quito by road, to experience a captivating blend of stunning mountain scenery and indigenous culture. Based from one of our handpicked, historic haciendas, spend your days exploring textile markets, farms, villages, and colonial architecture; going for hikes and horseback rides; taking in views of imposing volcanoes; and savoring superb Andean cuisine. Learn more >

Mashpi Cloud Forest

Nature lovers are sure to revel in time at Mashpi, a 2,600-acre private reserve bursting with wildlife. Your extraordinary eco-lodge—about a three-and-a-half hour drive from Quito—immerses you in the cloud forest while treating you to first-class amenities. Set out for walks to lagoons and waterfalls, winding amid countless species of plants and animals, from otherworldly insects and birds, to monkeys, orchids, and even, if you're very lucky, puma. Learn more >

The Amazon

With intriguing biodiversity and tribes that have interwoven their survival with the rain forest over thousands of years, the Amazon is like no other place on earth. Come explore its waterways and jungle, by boat and on foot, visiting indigenous local communities and watching for otters, kingfishers, hoatzins, jacamars, and more. Learn more >