Galápagos Islands

Marvel at
Mother Nature’s spectacle on these storied islands

Almost everyone goes to the Galápagos for those bewitching critters—proud blue-footed boobies, lolling seals, enormous tortoises. What surprises many of our travelers is the marvelous mix of landscapes, from cloud-forested mountains to beachy outposts. Our trips give you plenty of time to appreciate both flora and fauna, be it snorkeling with merrily circling sea lions or hiking beside an extinct volcano. What will stick with you long after you return home, we suspect, is the serenity of this unvarnished slice of Mother Nature.

Whether you want to bring the whole family or explore on your own;
you prefer mid-size boats, small private yachts, or some of both;or you'd rather bike than snorkel, we've got an option for you. Not sure what you'd like? Contact us and we'll sort through the options with you.
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