A land of stunning geological and cultural contrasts

Twice as large as Texas, Ethiopia’s landscapes are far more varied: its Simien Mountains are higher than the Alps, its lush highlands rise like an island from the deserty sea of East Africa, and its austere southern reaches are vast and inspiring, still largely forgotten by the world. Its civilization achieved great wonders like the amazing churches of Lalibela, carved out of living rock. And, its people—Christians and Muslims in about equal number these days—share a deep, gracious hospitality toward visitors.

Ethiopia with GeoEx

Looking to explore Ethiopia at your own pace and in your own style? Our destination experts will work with you to craft an exceptional trip tailored to your interests, schedules, and preferences. You may wish to follow the sample itinerary below or simply use it as a starting point for talking about ideas and options. Perhaps you'd like to browse art galleries of Addis Ababa before hiking in the Simien Mountains. Maybe you fancy a culinary journey that reveals the heavenly spices and rich traditions of Ethiopian food. Or you may prefer a cultural adventure that introduces you to tribal peoples and ways of life in the entrancingly remote Lower Omo Valley. Whatever draws you to Ethiopia, we’ll create a one-of-a-kind adventure based on your individual sense of wanderlust.

Sample Itineraries

Ethiopia: The Island of Africa

  • Beautiful & unexpected landscapes
  • Ancient churches & diverse cultures
  • Rare wildlife in two national parks
  • 18 days, with north & south
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