See the forbidden island nation through the eyes of its people

Intoxicatingly colorful, deeply intriguing, and entering a new era, Cuba is a place like no other. Crumbling colonial masterpieces line streets that rumble with ‘59 Chevys and pulse with music and hopeful determination. With liberalizations unfolding within the country and relations warming with the United States, it’s an especially exciting time to be there. Through our well-established program—GeoEx has been navigating the regulations of Cuba travel since 2000—we bring you the best of this compelling island nation, introducing you to its beauty, its complexity, and its welcoming people.

Explore Cuba with GeoEx

While the group size of our Scheduled Trips to Cuba is kept low (10—12 travelers maximum), you may prefer the familiarity of friends and extra flexibility that a private journey affords. We're happy to oblige. We’ll create an experience that’s as short or long as you like and introduce you to the aspects of Cuban culture that most interest you.

Opt to spend all your time in Havana, one of the world’s most culturally compelling cities. We'll arrange for special-access visits to art galleries, dance studios, schools, and museums, giving you the chance to swap perspectives with local on such topics as history, art, politics, and education. Or venture out of the capital to explore the countryside, a tableau of rambunctiously gorgeous scenery, charming colonial towns, and more warmhearted resilient people. Along the way, you'll enjoy the best accommodations and restaurants (both state-run eateries and burgeoning paladares), getting a taste of Cuban hospitality, cuisine, and the new entrepreneurial spirit. See our trip comparison table to better understand your options.

Sample Itineraries

Cuba Insider

  • Insider experiences tailored to you
  • Swap perspectives with Cubans
  • Off-the-track nature & culture
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Cuba Family Explorer

  • Explore with multisport activities
  • Combine culture with adventure
  • Dine at family-run paladares
  • Opt for Group or Custom Trip
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