GeoEx: Your Ticket Into Cuba

An Off-Limits Nation on the Doorstep of Change

With liberalizations beginning to unfold within Cuba and the recent announcement of warming relations between the US and Cuba, this culturally compelling, frozen-in-time destination is perched now more than ever on the doorstep of change. While the specifics of the new US regulations for Cuba are still to be announced, we know for certain that tourism will continue to be regulated. We also know that Cuba will change. Travelers who go now have a historic opportunity to visit Cuba at a time when monumental changes are in the making and when traditional Cuban culture is still robustly alive.

Travel to Cuba Now & Witness History in the Making

Thanks to our US government-issued people-to-people license, GeoEx has been taking Americans to Cuba for years, orchestrating direct exchanges with interesting local folks, from architects and artists to professors and politicians. They cheerfully welcome us, intent on sharing thoughts and feelings about their country and experiences, not to mention fresh, lovingly prepared food.

Insider Expertise for Insider Experiences

Our crackerjack Cuba team and impeccable in-country colleagues have sleuthed out the best speakers and most insightful meetings, enabling an open exchange of ideas. To gain insight into Cuba's past, present, and future, we dialogue with musicians, historians, artists, entrepreneurs, and diplomats. Our great variety of activities—more than other companies offer and unusual private options are designed to provide you with the most meaningful journey.

Smaller Groups Make For Better Trips

We keep our Cuba Scheduled Group Trips (6–16 people—or as few as 4 on our Private Trips), so we can enjoy increased access and mobility, and so that each of our travelers gets to be an active participant in our discussions. It’s unlikely that a group of 25 would be invited into a small workshop for a chat with artists or to an intimate gathering in a private home.