Custom Travel to Cuba

Trips Tailored to Your Tastes & Timeline

Imagine traveling in Cuba with friends and family of your choosing, on an itinerary that caters specifically to your interests, at a pace that’s right for you. Our team of experts keep abreast of Cuba’s happenings, maintaining our relationships with leading artists and academics who join our groups at dinnertime for conversations about the changes in their country.

First, We Get to Know You

Once we learn about your particular travel style and curiosities, we’ll orchestrate behind-the-scenes experiences and adjust the rhythm so you can spend time with people that most intrigue to you. Whether you’re interested in politics, religion, women’s issues, cooking, dance, art, or something else altogether, we’ll work with you to make sure your itinerary sings to your style.

To Give You An Idea

Here are some ways we can customize your trip—but the list goes on and on. Just let us know what makes your heart sing, and we'll share the unusual options, most of which would be very difficult to find on your own.

  • If you're a fan of pottery, we can arrange time in the home of a world-famous ceramicist like José Fuster. You’ll get to know his family and the residents of his small fishing town, Jaimanitas, discussing the influence of the artist’s work on their lives.

  • If you're a history buff, we can make your trip focused solely on important elements of Cuba's past—perhaps delving deeply into a different era each day, including Spanish colonial rule, the Spanish-American War, and the Cold War.

  • If you love to cook, why not let us pair you up with a skilled chef to explore the spices, techniques, influences, and traditions of Cuban cuisine? Once you've returned, you'll have more to show off than photographs. 

  • Have a penchant for printmaking? We recommend and will happily line up a private visit with Yamilis Brito at Taller de Grafica Experimental. The Taller is not only an active workshop, but also a studio, school, and community institution dedicated to preserving the sophisticated art of printmaking.

"It was wonderful to work with GeoEx in planning a customized tour to Cuba for our group of friends. No one else I contacted was able to offer a customized program to Cuba—everyone wanted me to join one of their groups. GeoEx set up special visits with artists and musicians that matched our particular interests and created an itinerary that included the activities and pacing we wanted. It was such a treat to be in Cuba with our friends, and to have a trip designed specially for us.” - Susan G., San Francisco, CA