Insider Experiences in Cuba

We are intrigued by Cuba’s hopeful determination, which we can only fully understand through personal interactions with the local people. GeoEx travelers get the chance to do just that, whether on a small-group trip or custom journey. Through the hearts and minds of Cubans, we take in the handsome paradox between old and new, between socialism and capitalism, past and future. We’re thrilled to be here to witness Cuba’s transformation and enchanted by its warmhearted, resilient people who are eager to share their stories and opinions with us.

Cubans Open Their Homes (& Kitchens)

Cuba has a budding, private-sector restaurants scene based out of homes-turned-eateries, or paladares. We’re invited in to sample traditional dishes and lively energy, and talk with their cooks-cum-entrepreneurs. And we're always searching out new hidden spots. Read our account of the changing landscape of Cuban cuisine.

Intimate Conversations

Delve into daily discussions to gain insight into the past, present, and future of this country. We dialogue with musicians, historians, artists, and diplomats—including Carlos Alzugaray, Cuba’s former Ambassador to the European Union.

  • Walk Havana With a Cuban Architect: As architect Maria Elena Martin takes us through Havana Vieja (Old Havana), we see remnants of the city’s opulent past and learn how certain buildings are used today. She introduces us to individuals and families who relate stories of the neighborhood and its evolution.

  • Visit Art Museum With an Art Historian: Art historian Nelson Herrera, a curator for the Wifredo Lam Center of Contemporary Art, guides us through the Museo de Bellas Artes. He highlights the most important works and sheds light on the progression of Cuban art from the early colonization to the latest generation of national artists.

  • Discuss Cuban Culture with Professor Marta Nuñez: We discuss many aspects of everyday life in the country, including the role of women in Cuban society, with Marta Nuñez, Professor of Sociology at the University of Havana.

  • Meet Artists in their Studios: We spend time at the studio of four young, talented photographers and painters, talking about their experience as artists and as Cubans. Together we explore challenges in present-day Cuba through their work.