Costa Rica

Adventure through a natural masterpiece

A land bursting with biology and hospitality, Costa Rica is a treasure-house of flora, fauna, and geologic wonders happily shoehorned into a refreshingly pacific and prosperous little country. Our expertly orchestrated trips take you hiking, rafting, biking, and birding among its volcanoes; its virgin cloud forests adorned with bromeliads, lichens, and mosses; its diamond-clear rivers; and its peerless cast of natural characters—animals, plants, and more birds than anywhere else in the known galaxy. Throughout you’re led by the country’s best guides: passionate, virtuoso naturalists.

Monkey in Costa Rica Rain Forest by GeoEx

Few places enjoy such a sterling reputation, making it that much more important to experience Costa Rica’s natural masterpiece with good guidance. We carefully nurture our longtime relationships with some of the country’s finest guides and lodge-keepers in order to share this verdant gem of a country in fresh and uncrowded ways. Of course, our Custom Trips are individually designed for a wide array of natural historying and multisporting: birding, snorkeling, surfing, rain-forest hiking (to see scarlet macaws, monkeys, and blue morpho butterflies), not to mention explorations of the country’s many splendid national parks, zip-lining, river rafting, sailing, and a host of other delights. We’ll get to know your traveling style and preferences to match you and your companions with the right balance of adventure and creature comfort. And we’ll arrange scenic flights to seamless connect you to Costa Rica’s diverse terrains, from cloud forest to volcano to rain forest to beach.

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Costa Rica Family Discovery

  • Adrenaline, enrichment & relaxation
  • Incomparable wildlife & eco-lodges
  • Domestic flights minimize drive time
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