Hike in spectacular valleys and behold glorious temples

Few have seen it—France gets more visitors every 90 minutes than Bhutan does in a year—but within this tiny kingdom exists more natural beauty and cultural treasure than just about anywhere else. Led by one of the only Westerners to have lived there, our Bhutan team has more than 30 years of experience, granting unparalleled access to the best temples, treks and artisans. We’re confident you’ll come home with as much passion for this heart- and mind-expanding Himalayan kingdom as we have.

GeoEx Custom Bhutan Journey

The surpassingly lovely, friendly, and pacific kingdom of Bhutan is one of the world’s most entrancing travel destinations. GeoEx sends more travelers to Bhutan than any other American company, and we don’t think any company anywhere is better at designing and operating trips here. Our Brent Olson is a regular commuter to the kingdom, linked solidly with Thimphu’s movers and shakers, with craftspeople, and with yak herders in the country’s farthest corners. We choreograph escapades for textile, art, and craft fanciers; for fans of Vajrayana Buddhism; for trekkers seeking slopes and families and friends gasping at remote festivals. Only GeoEx, with its long history in Bhutan, can easily cut through the red tape to set up such cutting-edge tours.

Sample Itineraries

Bhutan: A Hiker's Paradise

  • Day hikes in spectacular valleys
  • Cliffside Tiger’s Nest Monastery
  • Charming lodges & guesthouses
  • 12 days, the pace of village life
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Bhutan Insider

  • Special access to temples & festivals
  • A trip tailored just for your group
  • Bhutan's most luxurious hotels
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