Choosing Your Bhutan Journey

The Dragon Kingdom—rich in flora and fauna, in traditional arts and living Himalayan culture, in mountain views and hiking trails, among much else—is a destination that draws more than one type of traveler. We've carefully crafted a range of itineraries (see how they compare). If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, or if you prefer the flexibility of private travel, our Bhutan buffs will happily craft a Custom Trip just for you.

Planning Your Trip: A Starting Point

To get you started thinking about how you’d like to spend your time in Bhutan, here are some considerations:

  • Are you most interested in getting to know the essence of Bhutan? Seeing the highlights? Understanding its culture and history? Meeting the people who make Bhutan such a heartwarming place?
  • Does your perfect vacation involve day hikes through sublime alpine scenery, then coming home to a comfy hotel each night?
  • Would you like to experience one of Bhutan’s festivals, joyous expressions of its Buddhist culture?
  • Do you prefer luxurious accommodations or sleeping in tents amid stunning mountain views?
  • Is there a certain time of year you’d like to go? Perhaps in autumn, when skies are crisp and views of the mountains clear, or maybe in spring to see blooming rhododendrons and giant blue poppies?
  • Are you fascinated by Buddhism and interested in learning more about its influence in Bhutan?
  • Do you like the idea of trekking to revered mountain peaks and seriously remote, completely enchanting corners of Bhutan?
  • Are you traveling with your family?

Get Information from GeoEx Guests & Experts

When you're ready to delve further, you may want to hear from some of our past guests. And of course, our Bhutan experts are at the ready to help you weigh the above factors and many others in order to plan your trip in Bhutan. We look forward to learning more about what draws you to the Land of the Thunder Dragon.