GeoEx Bhutan Trip Leaders & Guides

Vetted Local Guides Take Us Inside

Trip leaders have a tremendous impact on the quality of your in-country experience, which is why we spend so much time vetting ours. We insist that you travel with the best. Through our longtime friendships and working relationships in Bhutan, we get a chance to see things that other travel companies simply cannot.

We employ at least one Bhutanese leader per trip, skilled folks who know how to cater to Western sensibilities, as well as open doors to their home. Whether it’s participating in a private prayer ceremony that’s generally off-limits to the public or passing quickly through a roadside checkpoint while other groups fuss with paperwork, our Bhutan travelers are treated as honored guests and friends.

Meet Some of our Fantastic Leaders & Guides

Sha Phurba is one of GeoEx's most senior Bhutanese guides. He has been working with us for more than 12 years and during that time, has co-led many important tours and treks. Originally from the district of Sha, near Wangdiphodrang, Phurba (which means "sacred dagger" in Dzongkha) is an extremely well informed, articulate, and competent guide. He looks forward to sharing his love for Bhutan with you.

Ugyen Yoesar is a native of Bumthang's Tang Valley in Bhutan, one of the most scenically beautiful vales in the country. A well-respected leader—he has guided treks, cultural tours, and bird-watching outings for a decade—he is current about kingdom history and politics. Ugyen is also passionate about mountain biking and is working to build bike awareness and trails in Bhutan. 

Tsewang Rinchen has led treks and tours throughout Bhutan since 1998. He's attuned to subtle cultural differences within the country, which his languages help him navigate (he is proficient in Dzongkha, English, Nepalese, Hindi, Sharchopkha, and Bengali). He is also an avid reader with interests ranging from philosophy to quantum physics, is involved in organizing archery tournaments, and helps lead the newly formed Guides Association of Bhutan.

Tandin Gyeltshen has worked in the tourism industry for well over ten years since completing his studies in economics at Darjeeling College. A native of Punakha, he is a natural scholar of Bhutanese folk stories and religion. He also speaks fluent Japanese. Tandin has trekked and toured all over Bhutan and is a great leader for adventurous groups.