Meet GeoEx Bhutan Travelers Tillie Page Laird & Hunter Brown

A Little About Us

We live on a farm in northwest Connecticut that my grandparents bought 80 years ago. Formerly we lived in New York City, but moved here full time after retiring. Tillie was associated with the New York branch of a British luxury retailer; Hunter was the registrar of a small museum after 15 years as an international banker.

Our Experience with GeoEx

Our neighbors were part of a small GeoEx Group Trip to Southeast Asia in 2002, and thanks to their enthusiasm, we contacted GeoEx for our first trip to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Hong Kong in 2004. Since then we have been to Ecuador and the Galápagos, northern India, Argentina, Antarctica, the Arctic (Svalbard Archipelago), southern India and West Bengal, and the western part of Bhutan.

For all of these, we worked with GeoEx starting with dates and ideas. They suggest itineraries (logistics, hotels, sights) and we work out the final trip quickly and easily. For the latest trip to India and Bhutan, their input was wonderful—flights to and from Bhutan aren’t daily and many good hotels there have few rooms. Our drivers and local guides were the best. Our regional guide, Neel Pratap, has been with us for all three India trips and we chose our dates based on his availability. Upon arriving home, we contacted Neel and GeoEx for our next trip to central Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal in late 2014. Neel is on board, rooms in small Bhutan hotels have been reserved, and we know we are in safe hands.

The only non-GeoEx group trips we have taken were a cruise on the Mediterranean to visit Roman sights and a trip to Cairo with a Nile cruise, and simply put, neither compared. We will never travel with a non-GeoEx group again!

We Could Not Have Planned Any of These Trips on our Own

GeoEx came through when we had to fly from LaGuardia to Dulles airport to catch our non-stop flight to Buenos Aires in 2009. Two days before we left, I saw that a huge snowstorm was heading toward New England. I called Herbert Fong (one of GeoEx's flight wizards) to see if we could fly to Washington a day earlier to beat the bad weather. The next day, Herbert hadn't heard back from United, but said to leave for LaGuardia anyway. Two thirds of the way there, he called us in the car to say that the arrangements had been made. We flew to Dulles, stayed overnight, and at the airport the next morning, saw that all flights to and from airports within a 150 mile radius of New York City were cancelled due to the snowstorm. It was raining in Washington, so we left on time.

We Never Worried About Anything

On all our private trips, we never worried about anything. GeoEx is tops as are the local teams they work with. Check-ins are carefree, and we have done/seen things we never could have imagined. That is priceless.