Meet GeoEx Bhutan Traveler Karen Greenspan

Why I Travel

I like to think of travel to new places as fitness cross training for the mind (perhaps because I am a personal fitness trainer. It shakes me free from static, overused patterns and activates new pathways of thought through exposure to different and stimulating sights, sounds, smells, tastes, thoughts, and behaviors.

How I Chose My Bhutan Trip

Being avid hikers, my husband and I signed up for A Hiker’s Paradise, one of GeoEx’s Group Trips to Bhutan. We learned two weeks before leaving that we two comprised the entire group! I was rather fond of group adventures, but I was going on a private journey. Never before having traveled to Asia, I simply landed on this destination as a means to experience the iconic Himalaya with the least amount of altitude sickness. 

Inspired by a Sacred Festival

The itinerary included attending a Bhutanese sacred dance festival. The bright colorful spectacle with its primal sounds and movement patterns awoke a long dormant part of my previous education and interest—ethnic dance history and performance.

The fortuitous change in the character of our trip led to my imagining another journey individually tailored to my unique interest in dance and culture. My husband and I returned to Bhutan after I asked GeoEx to arrange for me to study Bhutanese folkdance with the Royal Academy of Performing Arts. I have since done further research and written several articles on the subject. Now I have a rich network of friends and colleagues in the performing arts in Bhutan. We continue to communicate and enrich each other’s projects. 

Planning Custom Trips with GeoEx

Although I have enjoyed group trips with other adventure travel companies in the past, I particularly like planning my private adventures with GeoEx. I do my own preliminary research. Then I outline my ideas to their experts, who channel me as they translate them into a realized itinerary.

GeoEx Has a Vast Network

GeoEx has cultivated a vast network of professionals with access to the best services available in various distant locations. I have the pleasure of doing the creative research to pursue my individual interests and passions (world dance and culture), without the time-consuming hassle of dealing with the logistical details.

When I travel I want to guarantee the best possible outcome given my time limitations and the financial investment necessary to travel afar. I know I can count on GeoEx to make this happen.