Meet GeoEx's Bhutan Experts

GeoEx has been taking travelers to Bhutan since 1985, among the first US companies to offer trips to the Himalayan kingdom. Our experts continue to deepen their connections with people and places in the country, and keep up with changes on the ground. They are able to secure the special access required for you to experience unique—and rarely seen by Westerners—art, festivals, treks, and temples steeped in Vajrayana Buddhism. When you're wondering how to select your Bhutan trip, we recommend asking an expert insider.

Galapagos expert Becca GlatzBrent Olson
Selected by Condé Nast Traveler as Top Travel Specialist for Bhutan

GeoExpert Edwin d'HaensEdwin d'Haens
Director for Asia

GeoExpert Errin MixonErrin Mixon
Director for Asia

GeoEx Custom Travel Expert Tina LiadisTina Liadis
Senior Director for Asia