GeoEx Custom Traveler Feedback

From collecting textiles in Bhutan and sailing by private yacht through Indonesia’s Komodo Archipelago to filming wildlife in the Serengeti and fishing in uncharted corners of Patagonia, GeoEx Custom travelers have challenged our experts to orchestrate wonderfully imaginative—often incredibly complex—journeys for them. Here's what some have come back saying. 


"You have to travel with Geographic Expeditions: you get the adventure and the room service.” - Isabel Allende, award-winning Author

"The trip was amazing! My wife and I are now thoroughly spoiled. . . . One could get used to the traveling care of Geographic Expeditions." - Frederick L., San Rafael, CA

"The trip was perfect. They catered to my every wish and whim. I’m going to have them come to my house and train my kids to be more like that!" - Lori B., Sausalito, CA

"The communication and preparation for our trip was flawless, concise, timely, and easy to interpret." - Cathleen G.,Sonoma, CA


"When traveling in remote places, realize that GeoEx [staffers] are experts and that you are in excellent care." - Paula S., St. Louis, MO

"Truly the greatest travel-planning company on the planet.” - Edward Norton, actor, filmmaker, UN Ambassador for Biodiversity

"Our goals on our visit to eastern Indonesia were lofty, and the GeoEx team exceeded them in all regards. It was an adventure into remote regions . . . and we could not have begun to organize or even think through the alternatives with which the GeoEx team is just so familiar.” - Jon C., Mercer Island, WA

Unique Offerings

"It was wonderful to work with GeoEx in planning a customized tour to Cuba for our group of friends. No one else I contacted was able to offer a customized program to Cuba—everyone wanted me to join one of their groups. GeoEx set up special visits with artists and musicians that matched our particular interests and created an itinerary that included the activities and pacing we wanted. It was such a treat to be in Cuba with our friends, and to have a trip designed specially for us.” - Susan G., San Francisco, CA

Balanced, Tailor-Made Journeys

"The trip had the perfect combination of restful luxury, kid fun, and educational adventure. It was one of the best trips our family has ever taken.” - Carol S., Mill Valley, CA

"The trip was really spectacular. The pace, the sights, the guides, the surprises . . . were all superb. All four of us enjoyed ourselves to the hilt." - D. B., New York, NY

"The entire trip—through India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives—was beautifully balanced in terms of historical/cultural sites, accommodations (from luxury hotels to boutique properties), cultural exchange opportunities with locals, and timing. Since it was a Custom Trip, it was great to have the flexibility of tailoring the program to meet the day’s agenda and have sufficient downtime to avoid the usual frenetic pace of many itineraries. You truly made the trip come alive for me and most special!" - Diana P., Los Angeles, CA

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