GeoEx Premier Access

The Most Exclusive Private Journeys

The GeoEx Premier Access team is fully dedicated to meeting the needs of our most exclusive private travelers. You’ll explore unique destinations in the greatest comfort possible. And you’ll enjoy unparalleled personal attention, privacy, customization, and diversions that fully immerse you in authentic local experiences. Many of our Premier Access guests are high-profile people looking to keep a low profile—something we’re adept at maintaining.

We Understand High Expectations

Our Premier Access specialists work relentlessly to identify fresh, engaging experiences that are just right, often securing unprecedented access and orchestrating incredibly complex logistics. They collaborate with a world-class private security firm, as well as tried-and-true in-country operators and the most astute guides available. The result: your trip runs without a hitch and there’s room for flexibility.

To Give An Idea

GeoEx Premier Access travelers have taken rare, ground-level looks at the famed Terracotta Warriors, made family treks to the world’s highest mountains, and visited the Chong Hua Palace in Beijing. They’ve enjoyed private meetings with luminaries like Dr. Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, and Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu. They’ve relaxed in an Arabian tented complex built for them in the Timbuktu desert and helicoptered to jaw-dropping views of Mount Everest. And they’ve celebrated anniversaries with creatively and sensitively arranged parties in distant lands with private aircraft.

Meet Our Premier Access Experts

GeoEx Destination Expert Kate DotyKate Doty
Managing Director for GeoEx Premier Access
Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist for Uncharted Places

GeoEx Destination Specialist Becca GlatzBecca Glatz
Director for GeoEx Premier Access