GeoEx Custom Travel Experts

Taking Time to Listen

Custom Trip planning at GeoEx is a decades-long (and counting) conversation. Two thoughts that stay fresh in our minds: Every traveler is unique, and it's our job to learn each person's travel aspirations and style. It’s like a dance with two necessary partners--you know your passions and how you like to travel, and we know the destination inside and out. Together we gracefully build the perfect trip.

Putting it Together

Our adventure travel gurus work hard to get to you know through and through. We listen carefully to discover exactly what interests you, and thoroughly enjoy devising that suite of activities and accommodations that truly excites you. It doesn't stop there, though. We keep an eye on you while you're traveling to make any adjustments necessary and are eager to hear about your experiences once you're home.

We'd like to introduce some of our Custom Travel aficionados, always keen to share their creativity and expertise.

Kate Doty GeoEx Custom ExpertKate Doty
GeoEx Premier Access, Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialist

GeoEx Custom Travel Expert Starla EstradaStarla Estrada
Africa, Turkey, and the Middle East

Becca Glatz GeoEx Custom ExpertBecca Glatz
GeoEx Premier Access

GeoEx Custom Travel Expert Natalie CrowNatalie Crow
Latin America

GeoEx Custom Expert Sara Barbieri Sara Barbieri
China, Japan, and Central Asia

GeoEx Custom Travel Expert Tina LiadisTina Liadis
Southeast Asia, Malaysian Borneo, Papua New Guinea, and Mongolia