GeoEx Custom Travel Experiences

GeoEx’s Custom Trip travelers have honeymooned in Oman’s Empty Quarter, fossil-hunted in Argentina, trekked to Everest’s East Face base camp, enjoyed exclusive dinners at the Pyramids, and much else. Below are some Custom Trips we've had the pleasure of putting together.

Celebrations: 25 Days for 25 Years

GeoEx Custom Experiences India

For their 25th wedding anniversary, a dynamic New York duo zigzagged across India on a voyage as diverse as the country. Their 25-day itinerary, devised by our subcontinent specialists, kicked off in the north with a close look at Agra and the Taj Mahal, a sunrise boat ride on the Ganges, and walks through Delhi and Jaipur with guides from nonprofits. Then, in the distinctly different south, they journeyed from Mumbai to Chennai to Munnar, strolling through flower markets and gaping at UNESCO World Heritage caves and temples. They sipped chai with a famous author in her home, observed tile-makers in action, and hiked to colorful villages and cardamom plantations. After some relaxed houseboating in Kerala’s meandering waterways and mangrove forests, they capped off their celebrations in the spellbinding former spice-trading mecca of Kochi overlooking the Arabian Sea.

Beyond Boundaries: From Safari to Sea in East Africa

GeoEx Custom Experiences East Africa

A high-spirited couple in search of an extraordinary inaugural visit to Africa worked with Starla Estrada, our Africa maven, to devise a unique, nearly three-week safari—all points seamlessly connected by private charter plane, flown by a talented pilot-guide. From Kenya and Tanzania to Rwanda and Mozambique, the pair shared classic safari experiences—witnessing the Great Migration in the northern Serengeti was just one—and rare moments in the wild, including communing with mountain gorillas. They luxuriated in high-end safari lodges, ventured to a remote rain-forest camp on Lake Tanganyika, and lounged on the beautiful beaches of a little-known, Indian Ocean isle. After bonding with Maasai warriors, tracking chimpanzees with conservationists, and swimming with turtles, these two travelers realized that they’re more adventurous than they’d ever imagined.

Incredibly Intricate: A Remarkable Engagement in Bhutan

GeoEx Custom Experiences in Bhutan

This remarkable nine-day excursion, choreographed by GeoEx Premier Access travel wizard Kate Doty, whisked one particularly well-situated traveler from Bhutan’s natural and cultural wonders to meetings with Bhutanese dignitaries. This Buddhism buff and diplomat-at-heart leapt across the country by private helicopter, reveling in wildlife sanctuaries, powerful dzong, tucked-away villages, and the country’s two oldest temples. He toured the magnificent Gangteng Gompa with its head lama, Gangteng Tulku Rinpoche, and shared ideas with the prime minister. From Paro and Thimphu to Phobjikha and Bumthang, he savored stunning mountain landscapes and Bhutanese traditions and graciousness.

Family Forays: Fishing for Piranha in Peru

GeoEx Custom Experiences Peru

This family of four dispels the myth that having kids means ditching your travel dreams. Their most recent GeoEx adventure (they have had many) took them to Peru, where they delved deeply—and unusually—into the country’s culture and wildlife. They rafted the Urubamba River and hiked to sites and isolated Andean villages. They met local weavers, checked out artisan guilds, perused bustling markets, and explored less-visited Inca ruins and colonial cities. In spectacularly sculpted Colca Canyon, they watched condors soar and soaked in riverside hot springs. And while cruising the Peruvian Amazon in low-key luxury, they walked and skiffed into lush rain forest; spotted macaws, monkeys, and dolphins; learned about medicinal plants; and dropped by a manatee rescue center. Oh, and they fished for piranha—the 12-year-old’s favorite part. This globe-trotting set might argue that having kids is a great reason to travel.

Diverse Explorations: The Surreal and the Sublime in Turkey

GeoEx Custom Experiences Turkey

Tempted by its Mediterranean coastline and curious about its culture, this group of seven (spanning two generations) enlisted our help to plan a journey to Turkey with something for everyone. In 17 days this wanderlust-filled clan discovered Istanbul’s mosques, bazaars, and monuments, and explored Cappadocia’s surrealistic landscapes and rock-carved churches. They took in Byzantine frescoes, dallied in Ephesus, and hiked to cliff-hewn Lycian tombs. They sailed aboard a supremely comfortable gulet from Göcek to Antalya, reveling in peaceful coves, superb snorkeling, and rambles to whitewashed villages along the way. Their favorite moment? That’s the source of a good-hearted debate that continues to this day. But their favorite Turk? All agree it was their history-telling, lore-sharing, fun-loving guide, Bahadır Han Eryilmaz.