GeoEx Custom Travel: Your Choice of Destinations

Trips to Just About Any Far-Flung Locale

Our travel pros handcraft journeys to fit your passions, style, budget, and preferences, with personalized details, special-access visits, and creative touches throughout. They routinely pulls off difficult travel logistics, knitting together trips of all kinds, for all kinds of folks, to just about any place in the world.

From Muscat to Tierra del Fuego & Beyond

GeoEx’s Custom Trip travelers have collected textiles in Bhutan, honeymooned in Oman’s Empty Quarter, fossil-hunted in Argentina, and sailed by private yacht through Indonesia’s Komodo Archipelago. They’ve trekked to Everest’s East Face base camp, filmed wildlife in the Serengeti, fished world-class streams in uncharted corners of Patagonia, and written articles on the restaurants of Shanghai. They’ve enjoyed exclusive dinners at the Pyramids, among the ruins of Ephesus, and in candlelit Rajasthan palaces. They’ve slept in traditional goat-hair tents in Rub al Khali, snorkeled in the Savu Sea, and enjoyed off-hours museum tours in the company of curators. One family of six even took on a 480-day around-the-world adventure. Read about other custom travel experiences.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

Only know your time frame? Or that you want a trip planned around a certain interest? Both are excellent starting points. You can also browse GeoEx itineraries for any destination on our website—they all are completely customizable. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to figure out every detail and handcraft your once-in-a-lifetime journey.