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Vassi Koutsaftis's Top Five Cultural Destinations: Myanmar

By Vassi Koutsaftis | 3/13/14

Vassi Koutsaftis, a legendary guide who has been leading GeoEx tours for 29 years, was just named one of the best guides in the world by Outside magazine. The publication chose him as Best Cultural Guide in its 2014 Travel Awards, announced in the April issue. To celebrate, we asked Vassi to tell us his five favorite cultural destinations. We’re presenting one each day, illustrated with one of his extraordinary photographs.


This is still my favorite place in the world, a hidden gem of temples and wonderful, friendly people. The remote villages seem to take you back in time to the days of the British Empire; then when you walk around the temples of Bagan, you feel like you’ve wandered into a Disney cartoon movie. Also, wherever you go in Myanmar, there’s a striking photo around every corner – so you end up taking three times as many pictures as you thought you would.

To see more of his wonderful portfolio, visit his website. For more information on Vassi’s next trip, visit Pakistan’s Hunza Valley.

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