Marguerite Richards
Exploring Bhutan with a Baby by GeoEx

GeoEx's Carey Johnston, just back from a trip in Bhutan with her husband and nine-month-old son, River, sat down with...


On the River

Puffed up in mango-tango-colored life vests, the six of us were separate people to start, but on the river, we...

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Don George, Editor

Don George is Editor in Chief of Wanderlust: Literary Journeys for the Discerning Traveler. He has been Travel Editor for and the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle, as well as Global Travel Editor for Lonely Planet Publications. Don is the author of "The Way of Wanderlust: The Best Travel Writing of Don George" and of "Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Writing." He has also edited eleven anthologies, including A Moveable Feast, The Kindness of Strangers, and An Innocent Abroad. E-mail him at [email protected].


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