Namibia: Red Dunes, Rhinos & Desert Riches

Game-rich grasslands and iron-painted dunes

  • Explore Namibia’s famous Sossusvlei dunes and Deadvlei on foot and by hot-air balloon
  • Experience three distinct styles of safari, from old-school adventure to premier, giving you the best of all possibilities
  • Visit the legendary Skeleton Coast and Hoanib Camp
  • Travel with one of Namibia’s most sought after private guides, Jeremia Mwapopi
Namibia with GeoEx
Trip Type: Scheduled Departure
Trip Length: 11 Days
Activity type(s): Safari
Trip Extensions: Call 888-570-7108 for custom extension options

Composed of vast desert landscapes and incredible biodiversity, Namibia seems otherworldly. On this 11-day wildlife and wilderness safari (led from start to finish by Jeremia Mwapopi, the absolute best safari guide in Namibia), we discover the endless reasons to fall in love with this surprising country.

After a rejuvenating night in Windhoek, Namibia's capital city, we fly to Sossusvlei, a clay plan famous for its magnificent sand dunes. With rustic Kulala Adventurer Camp as our base, we spend a few days exploring the iconic red dunes, hiking the rugged Naukluft Mountains, sipping shiraz at the world's “driest vineyard” and savoring spectacular sunsets with sundowners in hand. Next, by plane to the shipwrecking Skeleton Coast, where we discover surprising life and oases, and on to the ultra-remote Serra Cafema, situated in the Namib Desert on the confoundingly lush banks of the Kunene River. We climb dunes by ATV, cruise croc-inhabited waters, and interact with the lovely Himba people, one of Africa's last semi-nomadic tribes.

Our optional extension takes us to Etosha, the country’s premier national park, and Ongava Game Reserve, treating us to two nights at a classic tented camp. We track rhino (both on foot and by four-wheel-drive vehicle) and watch wildlife such as kudu and lion congregate around waterholes.


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Dunes of Namibia

Itinerary at a Glance

  • Day 1: arrive in Windhoek
  • Day 2: fly to Sossusvlei, Kulala Reserve
  • Day 3: Sossusvlei dunes and Deadvlei
  • Day 4: Naukluft Mountains, Neuras Winery
  • Day 5: fly viaSwakopmund to Skeleton Coast
  • Days 6 & 7: Hoanib and Skeleton Coast
  • Day 8: fly to Serra Cafema
  • Days 9 & 10: Serra Cafema wildlife excursions,Himba visit, ATV ride
  • Day 11: fly to Windhoek; transfer to hotel

  • Optional Etosha Extension:
  • Day 11: fly to Ongava Game Reserve
  • Day 12: Etosha game viewing, Ongava rhino tracking
  • Day 13: fly to Windhoek; depart.