Welcome to Wanderlust!

Welcome to Wanderlust!

When GeoEx decided to create an online literary travel magazine some five years ago, we carefully chose the name Recce. A primarily British slang term for "reconnaissance" or "reconnoiter," Recce was perfect in meaning for our editorial venture, whose goal was "to explore a place to get to know it better."

Since then, however, we’ve watched the word befuddle many, in both pronunciation and sense. As a result, when we decided to transform Recce from an online magazine to a blog, we also decided to give it a new name. Now, after many months of reflection and name-reconnoitering, we are happy to announce the rebirth of Recce as – Wanderlust!

Wanderlust is an equally resonant word that Webster’s defines as "strong or unconquerable longing for or impulse toward wandering." This unconquerable longing underlies every venture GeoEx undertakes, and its spirit will inspire and infuse our blog’s robust combination of articles, interviews, slide shows, and book excerpts, all celebrating travel. We look forward to sharing our Wanderlust with you here!


Don George, Editor

Don George is Editor in Chief of Wanderlust: Literary Journeys for the Discerning Traveler. He has been Travel Editor for Salon.com and the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle, as well as Global Travel Editor for Lonely Planet Publications. Don is the author of "The Way of Wanderlust: The Best Travel Writing of Don George" and of "Lonely Planet's Guide to Travel Writing." He has also edited eleven anthologies, including A Moveable Feast, The Kindness of Strangers, and An Innocent Abroad. E-mail him at [email protected].


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