Why GeoEx: The Experience You Seek

It’s tempting to plan your own travel. But the farther you get off the beaten path, the harder it is to know where to go, what to do, with whom to work, and how to improvise. Well versed in far-flung adventuring, GeoEx gets to know you and makes sure that you get the experience you seek without wasted time, headaches, and missteps. 

Special Ops & Inside Connections

GeoEx specializes in journeys at the edge of the map—the most difficult to navigate, the most challenging to interpret. We’ve spent years exploring our destinations and cultivating the kind of relationships that ambassadors and special ops dream of. With our expertise, network, and flexibility, we’re able to weave seamless, richly colorful tapestries of discovery in the form of scheduled Small-Group Trips and Custom Trips.

Details Prepared & Ready

Many aspects of your trip were prepared months before you had the idea to visit. We’ve already blocked space at the best hotels, sussed out the most interesting nooks and crannies, and positioned our team of trusted colleagues at the ready for your arrival.

Travel with Integrity

What is your time worth? Not only will we save you time in research, trip preparation, and sorting out logistics, we’ll make sure that you get the most out of every minute of your journey. We work with you to determine the ideal length of itinerary, the right resting points, and the activities and options that suit you. And we’ve selected the most ethical in-country colleagues, ensuring that your trip benefits the visitor and visited alike.

There is no one company that travels to as many places in the world that we do with as much care.

After his trip to Indonesia, Jon C. said: “Our goals on our visit to eastern Indonesia were lofty, and the GeoEx team exceeded them in all regards. It was an adventure into remote regions... and we could not have begun to organize or even think through the alternatives which the GeoEx team is just so familiar.”

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