Why GeoEx: Our Breadth

If you’re satisfied with booking your trip online and hoping for the best, you don’t need us. But if you’re after extraordinary experiences in far-flung locales—with authentic interactions, topflight hotels and guides, seamless connections, and more—GeoEx is the right contact. We offer the widest array of destinations worldwide, cater to the most styles, and orchestrate every detail, even ones you don’t expect.

Door-to-Door: All Logistics

Getting you to the edge of the map and back with skill and care is our bailiwick. If permits are complex, commercial flights non-existent, politics shifting, or a secret local handshake required to gain entry, we’re the ones to call. Chances are we’ve traveled there for decades. With our strong network, there’s no logistical detail we can’t manage, from special-access visits to trip insurance and flight routings (and mid-trip re-routings).

Anywhere: All Continents

There’s a reason Condé Nast Traveler partnered with us for the Grand Tour of Asia: few travel companies are able to connect destinations like we can. Ask a safari operator to take you to Rwanda, Kenya, and the Seychelles: most don’t know how. Want to combine Angkor Wat with Bhutan’s Tiger’s Nest and Xian’s Terracotta Warriors? Or explore the Galápagos one year, Morocco the next? That’s our specialty: 35 years, 100-plus countries—many on the same trip.

Any Style: All Configurations

We handcraft Custom Trips and Scheduled Group Trips, equally skilled and practiced at both. We work with you to determine your best options, sifting through every available style, activity, accommodation, guide, transit mode, and more. Our experts know: they’ve experienced the destination firsthand. And once we know you, we carry that knowledge to every trip you take.

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