Urs Hofmann: Director for Antarctica, the Arctic & GeoEx Trains

Inspired to Travel at a Young Age

Urs, born and raised in Switzerland, credits the Jim Knopf (Jim Button to us Anglos) children’s stories with sparking his interest in faraway places. The main character adventured with his friend by steam engine from Europe to China. Perhaps it's no coincidence that Urs now specializes GeoEx's train journeys, in addition to handling the Polar region.

Expertise from Around the World

Urs' globetrotting travel career began in the hotel industry, first in Zurich and then in Honolulu. After relocating to San Francisco, he did a stint with airlines and in corporate travel, and, in 2000, joined the GeoEx team. He could regale you for hours—with a delightful Swiss accent and charming dry wit—with travel tales from his journeys across the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Asia, Antarctica, and the Arctic. When not planning travel or dreaming up his next voyage, you'll find Urs gardening and painting. 

Urs on Train Travel

Simply put, Urs is a big fan of train travel, especially aboard such comfortable hotels on wheels as Golden Eagle trains. "Traveling by train," he says, "is the only way to truly appreciate the enormous distances covered and their astoundingly diverse landscapes, with maximum exposure to local peoples, their arts and crafts, ancient history, culture, and architecture—all without wasting time checking in and out of hotels or languishing in immigration lines at obscure airports with iffy connections."

Start your rail journey or your Polar adventure by calling Urs at 888-570-7108 or by e-mailing him at [email protected].

“Not sure what his tricks are, but wish we could use him to book all our air travel all the time.“ – Fiona W., St. Louis, MO