Linda De La Torre: Director for Africa, Turkey & the Middle East

Inspired to Explore Other Cultures

As a girl, Linda spent summer vacations in Mexico, where much of her family still resides. Years later, a month-long immersion program in Japan and a six-month taste of the sweet life in Italy showed her that her future was in travel. Her curiosity and appreciation for languages, architecture, anthropology, and food have taken her to more than 20 countries. They also get her out exploring the San Francisco area, where Linda now lives with her husband.

Keen to Help You Plan Your Next Journey

Linda delights in using her more than two decades of travel industry experience to craft illuminating safaris and cultural journeys. "The more varied the travelers' interests," she says, "the more fun I have building an adventure for them." She can't wait to assist you in lining up your trip to Africa, Turkey, or the Middle East—or even an epic trip connecting the best of these regions.

Start your journey in Africa, Turkey, or the Middle East by calling Linda at 800-777-8183 or by e-mailing her at [email protected].