Linda de la Torre: Director for Africa, Turkey & the Middle East

Working Magic for GeoEx Travelers

With more than two decades of travel industry experience, Linda de la Torre adeptly crafts complex safaris and illuminating cultural journeys on a grand scale. For one recent guest, she lined up a 42-day trip incorporating South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, linking destinations with luxury trains, game drives, sunset river cruises, and helicopter flights. "The more varied the travelers' interests," Linda says, "the more fun I have building an adventure for them."

Inspired to Explore Other Cultures

It helps that Linda is familiar with what intrigues travelers. She spent her childhood vacations in Mexico, where much of her family still resides. Years later, a month-long immersion program in Japan and a six-month taste of the sweet life in Italy showed her that her future was in travel. Her curiosity and appreciation for languages, architecture, anthropology, and food have taken her to more than 20 countries.

Just Back from Iran & Oman

Most recently, Linda was humbled and exhilarated on a Middle Eastern journey through Iran and Oman. In Iran she sipped tea and shared ideas with her gracious Iranian hosts while absorbing thousands of years of complex history. In Oman she spent a night in a desert camp spellbound by traditional musicians. “What really surprised me about Oman was the geologically rich landscape," she says. "In Iran I was mesmerized by the warmth and kindness of the people I encountered everywhere I went. As a woman traveling alone, I felt safe and welcome. Iran exceeded my expectations and will forever be emblazoned in my memory for its depth, culture, and history." You can read more on Linda's experience in Iran >

Linda can't wait to assist you with your next adventure in Africa, Turkey, or the Middle East. To start planning, give her a call at 800-777-8183 or e-mail her at [email protected].