Natalie Crow: Galápagos Travel Expert

Natalie Crow, Director on our Americas team, discovered her love of travel while spending a semester abroad in Italy. Shifting her history, writing, and photography studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara, to Leonardo da Vinci's homeland sparked in her an insatiable desire to explore new places and expand her knowledge of the world.  

Natalie is well acquainted with Central and South America. She has worked on an organic farm in Costa Rica, trekked through the Andes in Peru, and tangoed her way through Argentina. Most recently she delved into remote regions of Patagonia and Ecuador in search of the most authentic experiences. Natalie is especially fond of the Galápagos Islands. “Nowhere else do you see so much wildlife in one place and up so close,” she says. Her passion, regional expertise, and ability to negotiate complicated logistics enable her to advise travelers on the best Galápagos options and to plan complicated, customized itineraries. She explains, "I take care of all of the details and logistics, so that you can focus on the fun."

When she’s not packing her suitcase for the next trip south, Natalie enjoys the wonders of San Francisco and beyond: swimming, hiking, relaxing at Lake Tahoe, or strolling the beaches of Marin. E-mail directly or call 888-570-7108.