Errin Mixon: Director for Asia

Enthralled with Exploring the World

Raised by a family of non-travelers, Errin never dreamed she’d even see Asia—until she fell into the travel industry, quite by accident, in 2006. Amazed at how large the world is, she’s delighted to have found her travel legs. So far they’ve taken her pedaling through Canada and Europe, climbing up cliffs in scenic Bhutan, and traipsing through temples in Southeast Asia. She picked up fierce bartering skills in Egypt's fascinating souks, prayed with pilgrims in Tibet, and has wandered, wonderfully lost through parts of Nepal and China. She’s even convinced her family to apply for passports.

A Singer-Songwriter at Heart

When not planning or embarking on globe-discovering journeys, she can be found singing gospel and writing music in San Francisco.

Start your journey to Asia by calling Errin at 888-570-7108 or by e-mailing her [email protected].

“Errin was super fabulous! She was my first point of contact for questions and I received timely, complete answers.
Excellent service!“ – P.C., San Francisco, CA