Tina Liadis: GeoEx Custom Travel Expert

Tina Liadis, GeoEx’s Senior Director for China, Southeast Asia, and Papua New Guinea, has logged more than 20 years working in the travel industry, but globetrotting has always been in her DNA. She grew up journeying across Europe with her Greek father and Swedish mother. 

She Wants to Wow You Every Time

Tina won’t be satisfied unless she gets her travelers excited. Some things she might plan are behind-the-scenes looks at museums and historic sites, conversations with local experts or docents, receptions at galleries or exhibitions, meetings with artists or musicians, and special private dinners at amazing locales. But that depends on what interests you.

A Few of her Favorite Things

She is always smitten with the locals, especially for the things they create and hold: their mythologies, writing systems, and handicrafts. She loves the silk weavings of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and the batiks of Indonesia. And she adores artwork, such as carvings, storyboards, and the masks of New Guinea and Borneo. 

E-mail Tina@geoex.com directly or call 888-570-7108.