Sara Barbieri: Director for Asia

For the better part of a decade, she has been creating unique itineraries and leading trips to such destinations as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, China, Korea, Uzbekistan, and Iran. On her most recent adventure in Myanmar, she was especially tickled about the time spent with an An woman in her home: after tea, the woman convinced Sara to try on her traditional skirt, headpiece, and jacket, and then pose for photos with her.

She Gets You Laughing

Talking with Sara over the phone feels like a fun coffee break. She makes you feel at ease while she gets to know you, your personal travel preferences, and what you're looking for. She's invested in the collaboration and in making your journey fun to plan together.

One Favorite Travel Moment

A nighttime Vespa ride in Hanoi. It was incredible for her, and so she suggests it. The driver arrives at your hotel and you hop on the back. Together you maneuver through traffic with the hordes of other motorbike riders, the neon, the humid air, the hustle and bustle all around you, and the scooters merging and turning, gliding through the streets like schools of fish. 

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“We're fortunate to have taken a number of high-end trips with various companies, and while their representatives were excellent, Sara outclassed them all. She was very wonderful, attentive, caught every detail.” – Hester S., Concord, MA