Natalie Crow: GeoEx Custom Travel Expert

Natalie Crow is Director of our Latin America programs. Since joining GeoEx in 2008, she has traveled extensively throughout Central and South America, and recently took a four-month Latin American sabbatical, working on an organic farm in Costa Rica, trekking through the Andes of Peru, and tangoing her way through Argentina. 

She's Crazy About Travel

She loves everythng about travel, from researching destinations to exploring them in person. And she's a pro at getting her guests to relax while she handles the planning and fine details. Her excitement about Latin America comes through loud and clear, whether she's raving about the food in Peru or the glaciers of Patagonia. If you are on the fence about taking a trip, she’ll make you crack with her enthusiasm alone.

Her Favorite Ways to Surprise

Natalie especially gets a kick out of surprising folks who have traveled with us before. For one couple, for example, she arranged a candlelight dinner and wine pairing in a Sacred Valley wine cave. And for another guest, whose business and passion was high-end home goods, she orchestrated a unique visit to a weaving community in Peru, suspecting that the textiles would offer the traveler new inspiration. (She was right!)

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