Carey Johnston: Managing Director for Asia

Long Experienced & Continually Enthralled

In the travel business for 15 years, Carey is especially enthralled with Asia, “so diverse in cultures, colors, and ways of life.” Her many adventures—including studying traditional medicine on a homestay in Indonesia, teaching English in Japan, hiking in Bhutan with her infant, and making dumplings in Beijing—have given her tremendous firsthand knowledge of the continent, enabling her to create exceptional itineraries for GeoEx travelers.

Passionate About Cultural Connections

As a cultural anthropologist, Carey is driven to connect with people, to see the world through their eyes. This fuels her passion for travel. Her exchanges with locals, from making bread in a Kyrgyz home to comparing notes on fashion and family with women in Rajasthan, breathe life and meaning into travel. These are the kinds of experiences she loves to share with GeoEx travelers.

Driven to Arrange Immersive Travel

"Immersive travel best unfolds without expectation,” says Carey. She sets the stage so that travelers can dive in, whether experiencing a homestay in remote Vietnam , getting special access to normally off-limits corners of the Caves of the Thousand Buddhas near Dunhuang, or reveling in VIP access to a sumo match. “Hearing returning travelers tell me they were fascinated by their discoveries on the trip is the most gratifying facet of my work.”

Learn More About Asia from Carey

Read more about Carey's experiences in her traveler report: Exploring Bhutan, Baby in Tow. To begin planning your Asia journey, contact Carey at 888-570-7108 or e-mail her at [email protected].