Carey Johnston: Managing Director for Asia

She Embraced Travel with Gusto

Hailing from Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Carey was inspired by her anthropology studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder to embark on a series of journeys spanning six continents and has had the great opportunity to live in Indonesia, Japan, and South Africa

Seeking Out Fascinating Experiences

From wrangling horses with cowboys in Montana and teaching English in Japan to learning about traditional medicines in Sulawesi, she has always been driven to seek out and experience fascinating corners of the world. Her nearly 15 year career in travel has provided her time to specialize in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. When not focusing on GeoEx destinations, she loves exploring the Bay Area. 

Start your journey to Asia by calling Carey at 888-570-7108 or by e-mailing her at [email protected].

“Carey did a fantastic job, patiently guiding me through various alternatives as the trip took shape. She was phenomenal to work with.” – Margaret S., Makawao, HI