Michael Steigerwald: Director for Trekking Programs, Asia

Michael has spent extended periods in the remote regions of Bhutan and the Himalaya, Mongolia, and Siberia, and is intimately familiar with their rugged, breathtaking landscapes and the people who inhabit them. 

Our Bhutan Bard

An avid student of history and culture, Michael has lived overseas for more than seven years and speaks five languages (with varying degrees of fluency). His expertise in languages and music—he graduated from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music with a degree in classical guitar—has opened doors to forge relationships with some of the remotest of Asian locales. He's very fond of long treks in the far reaches of Bhutan, where he can soak up views of Himalayan summits and spend time in isolated, tradition-rich villages.  

On Planning Trips and Treks in Bhutan

"Every time I go, I'm struck by the beauty of Bhutan's undulating topography and the warmth of its people. It amazes me that so few Westerners have even heard of the country. So when someone is interested in going, I'm happy to make the arrangements, especially when they want to hike or trek. It's hard to beat Bhutan for day hiking and trekking in off-the-radar corners of the world."

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