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Founder Transition

In announcing this transition, company chairman George Doubleday said, “During Jim’s inspired tenure, GeoEx has grown ten-fold, and thanks to his visionary stewardship, we start our fourth decade as a robust and growing company, respected around the world. We are extraordinarily grateful to Jim for his passionate leadership and extremely pleased that he will remain an active counselor to the company, and that he is passing the baton to an exceptional management team that he has helped nurture.”

“My years with GeoEx have been immensely fulfilling,” Sano said. “I am especially proud of the company being the standard bearer in managing the risks associated with going to the ends of the Earth, and of the 30 precedent-setting travel firsts we have accomplished. These include the first guided crossing of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s traverse of South Georgia, the first trek to Bhutan’s Gangkhar Puensuum (the world’s highest unclimbed mountain), and a multitude of other pioneering journeys to destinations that have been hitherto off-limits for Western travelers.”

Sano plans to pursue a lifelong interest in the intersection of travel, technology, and conservation. In addition to being considered one of the world’s experts on risk management, Sano was the founding president of the Mono Lake Foundation. He was a longtime member of the board of the Trust for Public Land, a former member of the World Wildlife Fund’s National Council, and a founding board member of the Natural Step. Sano was also the leader of the 1983 American Everest Expedition via the West Ridge, and has set his sights on Ulugh Mustagh, a mysterious mountain in the Kun Lun Range. “I’ve always believed that the more you travel in it, the bigger the world gets,” said Sano. “I’ve been truly blessed with the opportunity to explore some extraordinarily special places and cultures.”

New CEO Jean-Paul Tennant has been CFO at GeoEx since 2001. He was previously a bond trader at Goldman Sachs and Officer of the Deck on the nuclear submarine USS Omaha. An impassioned family traveler, he most recently journeyed with two sons to Kenya and Mauritius.

In addition, Scott Montgomery, a 26-year veteran of the company, has been named chief operating officer. COO Scott Montgomery joined GeoEx in 1986 and was instrumental in creating the company’s much lauded Air Department; he has been a core member of the management team for more than two decades, and has been Senior Vice-President since 1994.

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