GeoEx Ambassadors

We're thrilled to recognize these passionate GeoEx travelers who've trusted us to tend to their wanderlust over the years. Whether they've explored remote locations or shown the world to their whole families, they are shining examples of adventuresome souls.

GeoEx Ambassador Cindy HitemanCindy Hiteman
A passion for the edge of the map

GeoEx Ambassador Christy BeckerChristy Becker
Family traveler who seeks out adventure

GeoEx Ambassador Nancy PerkovichNancy Perkovich
Learning from the vast contrast to home

GeoEx Ambassadors Debby and John FletcherDebby and John Fletcher
Drawn to distant destinations

GeoEx Ambassador Tamah WiegandTamah Wiegand
Getting the most out of traveling great distances

GeoEx Ambassador George MilneGeorge Milne
Exploring with a scientist's curiosity

GeoEx Ambassador Fiona ChalomFiona Chalom
Discovering off-the-beaten-path places before they change