Meet GeoEx Ambassador Tamah Wiegand

GeoEx Ambassador Tamah Wiegand

I Have an Insatiable Desire to See the World

I’ve been living on the East Coast since the late 1960s. I retired from teaching early because I have an insatiable desire to see the world and experience different cultures while I'm still physically able to meet the challenges posed by long journeys. Travel is high on my list of hobbies and I have been fortunate to have visited all seven continents.

We Have Tried all Types of Travel

My husband, Warren, and I have enjoyed several small-group trips and made great friends that way—we’ve even traveled with some of these friends again. We’ve also enjoyed private, Custom Trips arranged for us by GeoEx, including our trip to Guatemala, to northern India and Bhutan, and to the Galápagos and Machu Picchu. We've also combined the trip types, taking a south India group trip first and then adding an extension to Sri Lanka by ourselves. Even on our recent trip to Cuba, we stayed a few extra days in Miami.

When We Travel Great Distances, We Try to Make the Most of it!

If it’s small-group trip, we try to see what else we can do on our own—and we always make the decision with GeoEx’s help.

I Took GeoEx Trips on my own First

Before my husband retired, I really wanted to go to Asia, and I really wanted references from women who had traveled on their own with groups. Through GeoEx, I talked to one past guest about her Indochina trip with a Burma extension, and I ended up taking a very similar trip. And now, since 2001, I’ve gone to Vietnam three times, Myanmar twice, Laos three times and Cambodia twice—how many people do that without taking a job as a travel guide?! That’s how much we like traveling in Asia.

And Asia, like so much of the world, is changing so rapidly. I have a fear that the world will look alike in the not so distant future, and I want to experience a culture that’s different from mine while I still can. 

The "Best" & "Favorite" Place to Travel Are not the Same Thing

We've taken so many outstanding trips. Cuba stands out as one of the best trips that we've ever taken—Adam Vaught, our GeoEx trip leader, was terrific. Sometimes it’s best because of the decision that you make. When we went to Sri Lanka, it was very soon after the tsunami. There were no tourists. We talked for a while about whether we should go or not, and we decided that it was best to go as a show of support. And we felt great about our decision once we went. 

But the best trip, for both me and my husband, was to the Silk Road several years ago. We started in Beijing and went all through Uzbekistan. We were able to go to the Dunhuang caves and explore Kashgar before the government tore most of the old city apart. It was an amazing trip, an extraordinary adventure. But it’s not my favorite place to go. That’s India.

We’ve Traveled Primarily with GeoEx

The reason we have traveled so often with GeoEx is that we have utter confidence that we’ll have well-informed, professional, funny, interesting leaders of small-group trips. We know that everything will run smoothly, even in countries that are notoriously not smooth. Urs Hofmann, who made the travel arrangements for my first GeoEx trip in 2002, expertly arranged our most recent amazing adventure in Antarctica.

I Don't Have to Think About a Thing

GeoEx is able to turn over all the arrangements. That certainly saves a lot of time! I know that whatever GeoEx suggests is going to be extremely well done. Even when a favorite GeoEx contact leaves, it’s always an excellent person that fills their shoes. I have confidence that GeoEx folks will do what they say they're going to do—if not better!