Meet GeoEx Ambassador Nancy Perkovich

About Me

I’m a lawyer living along the American River in Sacramento, California. I spend my spare time with the most wonderful group of family and friends. I love to cook and entertain, and work in my yard. I bicycle and work out at the gym or yoga studio.

I Love Exploring Remote Places That Are Very Different From Home

I want to see the geography and walk it, talk to people and observe their daily lives, learn their history and see how we are alike and different. I want to experience other foods and art and fabric. And while doing so, I enjoy reading fiction or history set where I'm traveling. I’ve taken many trips with GeoEx to places including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Cambodia, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, Argentina, Galápagos, Ecuador, and PeruMorocco is coming next.

I Adore all my GeoEx Trips for Different Reasons

My last trip was to Cambodia and Myanmar. As usual, we had the most wonderful guide in Myanmar who was not just personable, knowledgeable, and accommodating, but she also had a long history in the travel industry. Her uncle was an elephant veterinarian, her father worked as a forester in the teak forests. She and her husband were just starting an elephant camp for overnight treks by elephant. We learned about this from other guides, not from her. We hounded her to take us to the camp. It turned out to be the experience of a lifetime. We washed elephants and rode them and saw what she and her husband were accomplishing for the people in the remote area where the camp was located. Magical!

Taking a GeoEx trip Is Like Driving a Porsche

It’s hard to go back to anything else! It is the detail GeoEx gives to the flow of the trip, the spectacular hotels and lodges, the very best guides available, great food experiences, and all the little details, like special sundowners in Africa, remembering an anniversary in the wine cellar of a remote Namibian camp, an exquisite private room with its own pool in Zanzibar.

I Love to Plan Trips, but I Can't Do What GeoEx Does

I do not have the depth of experience, the destination knowledge, or the contacts to do what GeoEx does. I always tell anyone who asks that GeoEx never misses. Even when the unexpected occurs, it just turns into part of the adventure.