Meet GeoEx Ambassador George Milne

I Am a Scientist & Explorer

I am a scientist and have spent my life in the biomedical research area. My wife is a nurse who shares with me an interest in exploring the world in all of its dimensions—from geologically and historically rich regions to unique environments and the plants and animals they support, to distinctive cultures and what they teach us. In addition to working in biomedical innovation, I am a fellow of the Explorers Club and on the boards of the New York Botanical Garden and the Sea Research Foundation.

I Like to Experience the Uncommon & Distinctive

I enjoy exploring unique history and peoples, as in Ethiopia; challenging environments and the resulting adaptations of nature, as in the Polar regions and the Amazon; and special geologic areas and their flora and fauna, as in Madagascar. I like going places where relatively few have gone, such as the Congo, and seeing their sights. I seek adventure and the chance to both experience it and capture it photographically.

My Trip to Ethiopia Is a Favorite

Ethiopia was fascinating on multiple fronts. Not only is it the home of Lucy, it's an African nation with a very long and rich history. Its fantastic stone churches carved from a mountain are just one aspect of the civilization that flourished there along with a written language. Ethiopia is a county that peacefully bridges ancient Christian religious beliefs, 50 or more distinctive traditional tribes, and Muslim towns. Spending 3 days in a home in a walled Muslim town, helping a farmer buy an irrigation pump, witnessing a coming-of-age ceremony for a young boy, walking through the mists of the mountains to find a troop of Gelada baboons: these are just a few of the things that made this a favorite trip—until our next one.

GeoEx Has Never Missed a Beat

GeoEx has never missed a beat on logistics, but where they really stand out is the on-the-ground/hands-on knowledge of their experts. They are willing to work with me to customize the trip to my specific interests and to make sure that I have the very best guides. They also bring a personal touch: in Namibia they arranged for a cake and singing for my granddaughter, and a surprise cookout with linens under the stars for her parents' wedding anniversary. They are patient and willing to continue to refine the itinerary and experience over months of planning without getting impatient!

Each GeoEx Experience Has Met or Exceeded our Expectations

Because they know their areas and are willing to work to make it not just right, but right for us, each experience has been not just good, but has met or exceeded our expectations. They are experts and enthusiasts for what they do, and it shows.