Meet GeoEx Ambassadors Debby & John Fletcher

About Us

We are both retired, living in a small coastal town northeast of Boston. Debby previously worked with battered women for 15 years and volunteered for a number of organizations. She plays competitive team tennis, and enjoys spending time with our grandchildren and trying to control our three cats. After a career in engineering management, John enjoys photography, sailing, and playing squash. He has volunteered for the YMCA for over 30 years.

We Enjoy Different Cultures & Beautiful Places Everywhere

There was a time when European travel (with and without our children) was at the top of our list, but then a desire to reach more distant destinations took hold. Now we’ve ventured to South America, China, Southeast Asia, CubaIndiaBhutan, and much of Africa, enjoying the people we’ve met—both locals and fellow travelers—and taking photos of wildlife, landscapes, people, and the everyday.

We Are Happy to Have Found GeoEx

We are adventurous, but not trekkers or campers, and are happy to have found GeoEx: traveling with them combines a high degree of confidence in one’s well-being with the comfort we desire. And although we prefer to travel alone or with only a few others, when we have joined GeoEx Group Trips, we have been pleased to find that the GeoEx ethos is reflected in their travelers, who are usually worldly and very respectful of local people and customs.

All of our GeoEx Trips Bave Been Fascinating & Rewarding

Recently we enjoyed Mystical West Africa, an interesting and illuminating cultural tour in Benin, Togo, and Ghana. We reveled in the singing and color in a Sunday church service on Lake Nokwe; met a number of local luminaries; attended a wedding, a funeral, and a king's festival; watched traditional dances and drumming; traced the slave route; saw a fisherman community haul the nets and reap the bounty of their catch; visited a Ghanaian coffin maker; and walked several beautiful beaches. We learned a great deal about voodoo, took in several celebrations, received blessings from a high priest and a traditional healer, and were surprised at the extent to which voodoo beliefs permeate the society. Of course, our guide and driver were among the best we have had.

But for pure fun with lots of laughs, in addition to wonderful, peaceful people, drop-dead gorgeous scenery, and a king's wedding to top it off, Bhutan stands alone!

Working with GeoEx Is a Pleasure

The staff is knowledgeable and responsive during all phases of planning. They have real experts in each region we're traveling to and work hard to answer unusual questions, no matter where the answer may lie. This has saved us a great deal of time and effort during trip planning.