Meet GeoEx Ambassador Christy Becker

About Me

I live in Fortville, Indiana, just north and east of Indianapolis. I am a stay-at-home mom who is never home. I have a 16-year-old son and a 13-year-old daughter, both of whom I adore! I love to be busy and active. I am a member of the Children's Museum Guild. I am currently active with Women's Fund of Indiana and am co-chairing an incredible philanthropy event we are hosting in the fall. I am a runner, yogi (hot yoga), and recently I tried spinning! I love to read, go to concerts, and be with friends and family.

I Take Two Types of Trips

One is family—to see my sister (Colorado) or parents (Florida), and I love this type because I am with them.

The other type is a GeoEx trip. I love to explore and see new places. It is important to me to offer my kids the opportunity to see more of the world and open their eyes. I like to be busy and active on a trip … and have some downtime. GeoEx allows for both. We had amazing trips to the Galápagos and Turkey; both trips were the best of both worlds.

One of our Favorite Experiences

It was in Turkey when we stayed at a small boutique hotel on the side of the mountain. The owner had drinks with us... and our server called us all by name—even nicknames we use to refer to each other. It was very personal and we all had an amazing time and wanted to stay longer!

There Is no Comparison to a GeoEx Trip

GeoEx is amazing. They handled all logistics. From the moment we got off the plane, someone was with us the entire trip! Originally it was planned that we would hook up with our guide the day after we arrived in Turkey—the person who met us at the airport was only responsible for getting us to our hotel. But on the way to the hotel, we decided we wanted to do some sightseeing that day. Our guide was not available so she sent her husband, and he took us to lunch and toured us around! WONDERFUL customer service!

The Benefits of Working with GeoEx

Their staff members are experts in different regions. Each person knows that area and can help personalize the trip and make it what the traveler is looking for. Plus the expert can offer suggestions on things that are a must-see or must-do that the traveler may not be aware of.

Hours and hours of research time have been saved by having someone to work with who knows the region inside and out. And the GeoEx expert can offer tips and suggestions!